“The mission of the Foothills Search and Rescue Society is to develop and maintain a community resource trained to provide expertise and education in the areas of Search and Rescue within Southern Alberta.”

Our Goal: Leadership in Search Excellence

Foothills Search and Rescue (also known as Foothills SAR, or simply FSAR) was formed in 1993 to provide the region with a group of volunteers trained in ground SAR. Foothills SAR now has approximately seventy-five members drawn from various surrounding communities and is based in Turner Valley, a town about 40 kilometres south-south-west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Foothills Search and Rescue Society’s Service Area

Foothills Search and Rescue Society is the primary SAR group to the south and west of Calgary, although we have been tasked throughout Southern Alberta and will respond when called. On larger searches, SAR groups from the surrounding areas will assist FSAR, just as FSAR regularly assists these other groups. Standardized training and regular joint training exercises ensure that teams from all parts of Alberta work together without difficulty.